Facing foreclosure is one of the most stressful and confusing times you’ll ever face. Finding seasoned experienced professionals with proven solutions Is virtually impossible. Finding them without expense is nearly impossible.

Until NOW.

Please Be Assured You’ve Landed In The Right Place. ​The TEAM working today at National Jubilee has Assisted Florida Families For almost 10 Years. The National Jubilee Post Foreclosure Judgment Dismissal Program has ZERO Cost.

Is your house up for auction? Stop the auction.
Facing foreclosure? Have your foreclosure dismissed.


NATIONAL JUBILEE Lived Up to Every Word Said!

Unsolicited Testimonial from one of our Satisfied Customers

When I first learned of National Jubilee Real Estate, I was 6 days away from the foreclosure auction of my home. National Jubilee’s mailer was certainly more provocative and colorful than most of the others I had received, I figured what do I have to lose with the sale being only 6 days away, so I called.

I was greeted on the phone by Rich. He was very compassionate, understanding and sympathetic. I was most concerned at that point with having the foreclosure on my credit report. He walked me through how National Jubilee’s unique process works, and while it was very reassuring.

Six days to a foreclosure auction, list, find a qualified 7 figure buyer, negotiate a short sale with no deficiency, and a subsequent removal and Dismissal of the Foreclosure Judgment. Impossible! Wow, all done in less than 3 months.

Rich with his very competent team proceeded to List, obtain, evaluate and negotiate multiple offers to a sale price for my home almost double that of which I had received from any other person over these 2 years. Today I received from the Clerk of the Court, the Court Order Dismissing the Case and Vacating the Final Judgment of Foreclosure!!!

National Jubilee lived up to every word said. National Jubilee accomplished the unbelievable sale of my home with no deficiency to the signatories on the Mortgage Note. The Foreclosure Case was Dismissed and its Judgment Vacated, leaving our credit record free of both scars!!

I only wish I had come across National Jubilee and met him earlier to avoid those many years of torment and stress!!


You can’t do this on your own.  The best-intentioned advice from friends and family who “THINK” they know…Typically Do Not.

The most expensive attorneys will not provide this service BECAUSE of the expense.  Again for emphasis …You Pay Us ZERO!

We are NOT attorneys and cannot provide specific legal advice.

But still, we will provide you the most comprehensive answer and solution to avoid foreclosure and its attendant judgment on your credit record.