VC Sarasota

Saved our house and our lives!

March 2020

We had worked with so many companies who gave us false promises and hopes. They didn’t return our calls and were unresponsive to our concerns.

This is basically a FLAWLESS TEAM. Their attention to details are amazing and SUPER easy to work with.

10/10/ A+++

Please keep up the excellent quality work!!

Call these guys if you’ve been disappointed and led on before, they deliver!

VC Sarasota
Mike W, Seminole County FL

This one sounds impossible, but, TRUE it is!

November 2021

I’m disabled. No computer or printer, just an iPhone. My auction was scheduled at 11 am Tuesday Nov 30 th , 2021. Thought I had the real deal working with someone else for almost a week when they asked me for $2,500 that I didn’t have. SCAM! Believing it was too late Monday Nov. 29 th I still called National Jubilee.

1pm, Rich answered. He was at Newark airport flying back to Florida from Thanksgiving with his family in NY. Gave him all the details and he said they’d try. Too late, next day at 11:11 am Tuesday my auction took place. OMG… a miracle!

By Thursday Rich and his team had the foreclosure auction Vacated by my Lender. Now, only 2 weeks later my home is SOLD, not auctioned, and I’ll be walking away with more than $100,000 when we close on January 18 th , 2022. OMG TWICE!

There’s just too much to tell between how within only a few hours that Monday while he sat in Newark airport Rich with his crew in Florida teamed up with my brother in Indiana, his wife’s State Farm agent and a woman in Orlando and did what they did. National Jubilee people are incredible. If there’s the smallest chance, nothing stops them. What a great Christmas.

Mike W, Seminole County FL
JC, Riviera Beach

Trust at First Sight!

July 2020

As a retired NY’er “Trust at first sight” is always a challenge. Called them Oct ’19 before my first auction date. Hoping to sleep in my bed until JAN 2020.

Stayed until JULY 2020! JULY!

​Got ALL of the Guaranteed benefits plus a few surprises. An extra 7 months at home and an unexpected $3,000 relocation, Plus another shot at good credit.

Really Great people…

JC, Riviera Beach
JB-Boca Raton

The Staff Are AMAZING!

Sept 2019

I’m A Retired attorney from N.J. and ONE WORD stands out to an Attorney: GUARANTEED!

Having been screwed by 2 fellow attorneys the previous year, I figured there was nothing to lose.

WOW! These guys are serious.

Sept 6th, 2019 and our previously lost foreclosure case….. DISMISSED!

JB-Boca Raton
Dave R. Bradenton

Finally financially stable

June 2021

Today I received from the Manatee County Clerk of the Court, the Court Order Dismissing the Case and Vacating the Final Judgment of Foreclosure!!! Properly negotiated up to AND SOMETIMES AFTER the
auction date. After years of worry, lawyers, banks, insolvency, health problems due to stress we’re finally out the end of the tunnel! Can’t say enough about NJ’s great work!
Dave R. Bradenton

Dave R. Bradenton


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